m3hub cloud computing

Seed To Sale

Our easy to use inventory management system increases your business's work flow by managing all your assets and processes in Seed To Sale cycle.

m3hub tracks and reports all activity from the origin of the seed, to germination, cloning , pesticide, fungicide, soil management, nutrients, watering, climate control, plant rotation, bud tending, harvesting, drying, testing, processing, packaging, shipping, receiving, and sale to the end user/patient.

Point Of Sale

Our interactive Point Of Sale and Payment Gateway solutions improve overall customer experience and drive sales to your business.

POS Management solutions that are client specific, secure and compliant with integrated CRM.

Promote your products and better manage your inventory through loyalty programs and daily deals. Reach out to all your customers and generate added revenue.


Autospense™ automated dispensing technology controls transactions, manages inventory and improves profitablity, accountability, security and customer satisfaction.


Reduce your labor costs and improve your productivity with m3hub's advanced inventory tracking system.

Real time tracking of security cameras, photos and videos, landscape sensors data, inspection reports, process data, timers, temperature, soil moisture, lighting controls, hydroponic solutions records, pesticide/fungicide applications, lab results, shipping documents and invoices.

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